About US

Tai Chi is best known as the form of exercise that has been popularized by images of old Chinese people practicing graceful flowing movements in the park. Tai Chi is practiced both for its health and exercise benefits, and as an effective method for self defense. Tai Chi develops chi or energy. Tai Chi helps connect all the acupuncture meridians and helps circulate energy through these meridians. Tai Chi exercises stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the inner organs, and increases total muscle control. Tai Chi helps promote mental and physical relaxation. Balance and posture will improve flexibility and weight loss. Students have experienced a decrease in their blood pressure, and dramatic decreases in back, neck and joint pain.

Bing K. Lee states that Tai Chi practice for health and Tai Chi practice for martial arts are the same. Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness.

Bing K. Lee has studied Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing-Yi, Qi Gong and other martial arts for over 50 years. Bing is a Chinese American in excellent health condition with positive energy. Bing Lee is a unique teacher because he is willing to share the traditional secret information to help students improve their health and wellness. You need to see to believe it. Our classes have MDs, acupuncturists, massage therapists, ophthalmologist, psychologists, athletes and many other professionals who recognize the benefits of Tai Chi.

In the Tai Chi class, you will feel challenged, relaxed, and enjoy the enhanced awareness of your own body and increased energy. I received my Medical Degree in Beijing, China for Western and Chinese medicine where I used to live. I practiced both Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine in China.

Based on my experience, as a Doctor, I believe Tai Chi provides special benefits similar to receiving an acupuncture treatment. Tai Chi is a special exercise for health and for personal power.

Bing K. Lee is a kind, patient, powerful and very humble teacher. He does not encourage his Tai Chi students to call him "Master". All of his students came to his school through personal referrals from other students and doctors. I want to recommend Bing K. Lee as a Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher. Bing K. Lee's class information is on my website for my patients. These Tai Chi classes offer my patients another opportunity to improve their mental and physical health. Bing K. Lee is a great Tai Chi teacher and will be my teacher for life.